Event: VMXDN @ Foxhill 27-28 Aug 2022

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  • Name:VMXDN @ Foxhill 27-28 Aug 2022
  • Type:MX Race
  • Club: Langrish MCC
  • Championship: None
  • Venue: Foxhill (Map)
  • Track Postcode:SN40DR
  • Dates:27-08-2022 to 28-08-2022
  • Sign-On Opens:07:30 AM
  • Event Begins:09:00 AM
  • Online Entries Open:
  • Online Entries Close:03-12-2022 02:25 PM
  • Classes:
        Race Fee per Day  
    Class Member / Registered Visitor Visitor
    Entry Opens (?)You must be a club member to enter prior to this date.
    EVO 125 over 30yrs £71.48 £71.48 Now Open
    EVO Open over 30yrs £71.48 £71.48 Now Open
    EVO Open over 50yrs £71.48 £71.48 Now Open
    Super EVO 125 over 25yrs £71.48 £71.48 Now Open
    Super EVO Open over 35yrs £71.48 £71.48 Now Open
    EVO Plus 97-02 any age £71.48 £71.48 Now Open
    EVO Ultra 03-08 any age £71.48 £71.48 Now Open
    RESERVE for Evo 125 over 30yrs £71.48 £71.48 Now Open
    RESERVE for Evo Open over 30yrs £71.48 £71.48 Now Open
    RESERVE for EVO Open over 50yrs £71.48 £71.48 Now Open
    RESERVE for Super EVO 125 over 25yrs £71.48 £71.48 Now Open
    RESERVE for Super EVO Open over 35yrs £71.48 £71.48 Now Open
    RESERVE for EVO Plus 97-02 any age £71.48 £71.48 Now Open
    RESERVE for EVO Ultra 03-08 any age £71.48 £71.48 Now Open
  • Licences Accepted:ACU
  • Single Event Licence Cost:£15.00
  • Transponder Required:yes
  • Transponder Hire Cost:£15.00
  • Cancellations:Not Allowed
  • Payments Accepted:online
  • Payment / Deposit:Full payment required to book-in online
  • Official Web Page:https://www.facebook.com/davekingvmxdn/
  • Additional Information:


    1 .ANNOUNCEMENT; Langrish Motor Cycle Club will organise VMXDN Team Races (International) Motocross event on:

    Date: 27th and 28th August 2022

    Venue: Foxhill Motorpark

    Permit number :ACU62142

    2 .SECRETARY OF THE MEETING Chris Warren email: [email protected]

    3 .COURSE The course is situated at include postcode of the venue Callas Hill Wanborough SN4 0DR TEMPORARY COURSE LICENSE No: TBA

    4 .JURISISDICTION The meetings will be held under the National Sporting Code and Motocross Standing Regulations of the A.C.U. 2022 edition, these Supplementary Regulations and any further Instructions Issued or Official Announcements made.

    5 .OFFICIALS Clerk of the Course Chris Warren Licence no. Assistant Clerk of the Course Bob Hewson and Barry New Licence no. Incident Officer Chris Warren Jnr Licence no. Chief Technical Officer Andrew Summers Licence no. Chief Timekeeper ACU. Licence no. Chief Marshal Alan Crook Steward (if appointed) Licence no.

    6 .ELIGIBILITY Riders holding a current ACU or SACU licence and members of the Langrish Club. Day Licences are available for UK Residents only. FMN issued Licences are valid but any Rider not holding an ACU or SACU Licence must carry proof of P.A. Insurance and a written start permission issued by their FMN.

    7 .NUMBER OF RIDERS & DRIVERS ALLOWED Races: VMXDN Team Race. Evo 125 over 30 Evo Open over 30 Evo Openover 50 Super Evo 125 Over 25 Super Evo Open over 35 Super Evo Open 97 to02 Super Evo Ultra Open 03 to 07 Solo: 40 per class

    8 .ENTRIES Entries must be made on the official ACU entry form which can be found on the GORACE ONLINE ENTRY SYSTEM. The club reserves the right to refuse any entry without giving a reason. The entry fee is £140.00.

    9 .REFUND POLICY Refunds will only be given on production of a Doctors Note 2021 Inc Covid-19 10 .INSURANCE The insurance cover for this event will be Premier. Please see ACU handbook forcover.

    11 .TECHNICAL CONTROL This will be held on Friday 26th August between 12.00 Noon and 6pm And Saturday 27th August between 7.30a.m and 8.30 a.m Competitors are required to produce their machines to Technical Control. When more than one motorcycle is entered they must be present to Technical Control at the same time. No competitor will be permitted to practice or race unless the Technical Official had passed clothing and machine. It is compulsory that riders/passengers wear, as a minimum, back and chest protectors, incorporated within the suit or worn separately. It is advised that all riders and passengers should wear a body belt/kidney protector

    12 .SOUND CONTROL As per 2022 ACU handbook Standard Regulations section 7, Technical Control number 7.

    13 .PRACTICE Commencing at 9.00 a.m. Saturday 27th August 2022 10 Minutes per Group

    14 .RACES The Number of races will be 4 per and classes 15 .PROGRAMME Programme of races on the day TBA

    16 .METHOD OF START The start will be live engine, clutch type. A start straight test session of up to 5-minutes will be organised after the end of each timed qualification session. Once a rider has taken his position at the start gate, he cannot change it. A rider is deemed to be under starters orders having been called to the start line, the starter will hold up a green flag from which moment the riders are under his control, until all riders are on the start line. When all the riders are on the start line, the starter will hold up a 15 second board for a full 15 seconds. At the end of the 15 seconds, he will hold up a 5 seconds board and the gate will drop between 5 and 10 seconds after the 5 second Board is shown. No one except RIDERS and OFFICIALS shall be permitted to the area of the starting gate. Riders are allowed to groom the area behind the start gate only, provided no tools are used or outside assistance provided.

    17 .FINISH OF RACE Riders must complete at least 50% of the distance of the winner and pass the chequered flag to be classed as a finisher.

    18 .POINTS As per ACU British Championship Rules

    19 .AWARDS Trophies for each Class TIES Will be decided by a Riders Position in his last race

    21 .FLAG SIGNALS Please take note of the following rule change regarding flag signals: 2021 Inc Covid-19 Yellow Waved: Great Danger, prepare to stop, no overtaking. A significant reduction in speed must be seen; therefore jumps should not be attempted.

    22 .TIMEKEEPING The club will use: electronic timekeeping / lap scoring Should the electronic timekeeping system fail the procedure will be: Manual

    23 .TEAR OFF’S Tear Offs are not permitted at this event

    24 .FUEL All fuel used during an event must comply with 2022 ACU Fuel Regulations

    25 PADDOCK Silence in the paddock will commence at 11.00pm The riding in the paddock of any pit bikes or mini bikes is not allowed. All Dogs must be kept on a Lead at all times Chemical Waste Tanks will be provided anyone found not using them will be removed from the site Passes : Two Passes Per Rider travelling in the same vehicle. All others must pay entrance and camping charges .

    Covid-19 If you have symptoms of COVID 19 or have been in contact with anybody who has in the last 14 days, please do not enter, or attend this event. The Organisers are operating this event in accordance with Government guidelines, advice, and instruction to minimise the risk to Competitors, Observers and Officials and the public from Covid-19. · By participating in this event, I will take all necessary steps to protect myself and others from the risk of infection. I agree to follow and abide by any instructions set down by the Organiser to minimise the risk of the Covid-19 virus. · I acknowledge and accept the underlying and unavoidable risk of infection from the Covid-19 virus.

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