What if i dont have a PayPal account?

Thats an easy fix, best idea is you create one !(it only takes a minute or two)

or  if you dont have that long you can always click the ‘buy as guest’ link at the bottom of the PayPal pop up.

This will allow you to add credi or debit card details instead of using a PayPal account.

One drawback……..

In the event of a cancellation your money is instantly transferred back to a paypal account but can take 5-7days to go back on a card due to the card issuer not processing it straight away.

I’m Not Being Recognised as a club Member/Registered Rider

GoRaceMx.com uses your Racing licence number to identify what clubs you are a member of and what championships you are registered for.

We use this as a system to eliminate any different spellings of a persons name or two people of the exact same name being seen as members of a clubs they dont belong to.

Each of our clubs upload a list of members by inputting their licence numbers, preferred class and race number. Once this is uploaded no one else other than the person with the designated licence number can use that race number in the class. When a rider attempts to book in the site will check if they are a club member by referencing the licence number.

For this reason you must add your licence number to your account to be recognised, also you’ll then always use that account when booking in. If you create a new account you will not be recognised as a club member as the licence number is not attached to it

Club members can be set up to receive priority entry and discounted entry fees so its important to get the number added your end to receive these benefits.

Check out the tutorial videos page to see how to add a licence number.

What if I Cant Remember my Username or Password??????

First Step

Go to the sign in page and Click the ‘Forgot your username or Password’ link

Second Step

Type any email address you may have used for the account into the box one at a time and click ‘Submit’ .

If you need  a password reset link to be emailed out tick the ‘I forgot my password’ box

Third Step

When you enter an email address that has been used on a GoRaceMx account this message will pop up to let you know an email has been sent out. It wil contain your username and a password reset link. Check your junkmail if you dont receive it to your inbox.

Final Step

Input your new password into both boxes to ensure there isnt a typo and hey presto your new password is reset.

One last thing

If you cant find the right email address you may have entered a false one when creating your account or it may have a typo when you first entered it, in this case please use the ‘contact us’ form to get in touch and we can edit the email address used on the account for you.

PayPal error messages…


Here is an example of an annoying internal security system error message from PayPal.

It is caused by PayPals internal security system flagging up a potential security issue with your PayPal payment. This can be caused by a poor or intermittent internet connection,  your PayPal account set up, or a bad  payment source eg out of date card or insufficient funds in linked bank account.

Should you get this error when attempting to pay for your entry they advise you to take these steps.

1) Ensure you have a solid internet connection. If on a mobile then swap between 4g-wifi if possible.

2)Change to a different device e.g. tablet, phone or Pc. Ideally use the same device you have used before. If you cant change device then using a different web browser app on the same device is just as good eg swap between Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla.

3) Once something has caused the above error it can cause the same issue whenever you return to PayPal as the error is still logged and you’ll need to clear your internet history, cache and cookies before it will reset.

4)After taking the above steps if the error persists its almost certainly an issue with your PayPal account or the card/bank account you are using to pay.

5) Next step is to try  NOT logging into your PayPay account but instead checkout as a guest by clicking the ‘buy as guest option at the bottom of the paypal pop up.

6)Finally your going to have to call PayPal to have the security flag removed and to find out what caused the error. Their customer service can be contacted on   08003587911

Please Note:

GoRaceMx.com receives 1000’s of PayPal payments each week and i’ve been assured that our PayPal intergration is 100% correct.  They state that if it wasn’t any error  would effect all payments being received not just a handful.

I’ve asked what GoRaceMx.com can do to help , and their response is unfortunately “nothing at all. This error is between the user and PayPal.”

Hope this helps


Will my personal details be kept secure?

Security is very important to us so we have everything in place to keep your details secure. We only share the necessary information with the clubs you book in to ride with (we wouldn’t be much use if we didn’t!!!!). Here the technical bit:

All stored user data is accessible directly only by the secure server. Your user password is never stored; only a highly-secure, encrypted one-way hash is stored. All connections to the site are encrypted via SSL; so your password and all other data is secured end-to-end and never transmitted in clear-text form.




How much does using GoRaceMx cost?

Riders and parents booking in=free.

Coaching events administration  =free

Practice tracks = please call me to negotiate a price dependant on your usage.

Race events administration = £17.50 – £39.50 per event depending on the services required. Please get in touch for more details of what we can provide.




How do my club start using GoRaceMx?

Simply register for a ‘Promoter’ account and call the number given after registering to have the account enabled. If you’d like to have a demonstration of the service or training in using it to its full potential please use the ‘Contact Us’ form to get in touch and I’ll be happy to meet up free of charge.

Why don’t I receive emails?

As we are a fairly new business some email providers mistake our emails as junk mail and divert them to your junk folder. Please check your junk mail first and mark our emails as ‘not junk’ . Once this is done you should receive all future emails to your inbox.  If our emails don’t even reach your junk mail folder please use the ‘contact us’ form and I’ll have the development  team look into the problem.

I can’t remember my login details?

First off , please click the I forgot my details button directly below the password box. Once you enter the email address used on the account an email will be sent to you containing your username and a password reset link. Simply reset the password and way you go.
If you didn’t receive an email when you clicked the forgot password button, first check you emails junk mail folder as it may have gone in there. If it’s not there either please email me using the ‘contact us’ form and I’ll reset your password and make sure you receive our emails in future.