Event: Junior Worlds Selection event @ Fatcat Motoparc

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  • Name:Junior Worlds Selection event @ Fatcat Motoparc
  • Type:Practice
  • Club: Team GB Junior Worlds
  • Championship: None
  • Venue: Fatcat motoparc (Map)
  • Track Postcode:DN33EH
  • Dates:11-04-2023 to 11-04-2023
  • Sign-On Opens:02:00 PM
  • Event Begins:02:00 PM
  • Online Entries Open:
  • Online Entries Close:11-04-2023 02:00 PM
  • Classes:
        Race Fee per Day  
    Class Spots Available Member / Registered Visitor Visitor
    Entry Opens (?)You must be a club member to enter prior to this date.
    125cc spaces available £20.00 £20.00 Now Open
    65cc spaces available £20.00 £20.00 Now Open
    85cc spaces available £20.00 £20.00 Now Open
  • Licences Accepted:ACU
  • Single Event Licence Cost:£0.00
  • Transponder Required:no
  • Cancellations:Allowed
  • No Cancellations After:09-04-2023
  • Payments Accepted:online, on-site
  • Payment / Deposit:none required to book-in online
  • Official Web Page:none listed
  • Race Programme:Please purchase access when entering a race to view the programme.
  • Additional Information:
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