Event: The Arenacross Festival 15th -17th Sept

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  • Name:The Arenacross Festival 15th -17th Sept
  • Type:MX Race
  • Club: Bolesworth Events
  • Championship: None
  • Venue: Bolesworth (Map)
  • Track Postcode:CH39JJ
  • Dates:16-09-2023 to 16-09-2023
  • Sign-On Opens:04:00 PM
  • Event Begins:09:00 AM
  • Online Entries Open:
  • Online Entries Close:14-09-2023 10:57 AM
  • Classes:
        Race Fee per Day  
    Class Spots Available Member / Registered Visitor Visitor
    Entry Opens (?)You must be a club member to enter prior to this date.
    AX Auto 50cc none left £199.00 £199.00 Now Open
    AX e5 Electric only 5 left £199.00 £199.00 Now Open
    AX 65cc only 5 left £199.00 £199.00 Now Open
    AX SW85 only 8 left £199.00 £199.00 Now Open
    AX BW85 only 6 left £199.00 £199.00 Now Open
    AX Futures / Rookies only 7 left £199.00 £199.00 Now Open
    AX Amateur Lites only 6 left £199.00 £199.00 Now Open
    AX Amateur 450 spaces available £199.00 £199.00 Now Open
    AX Pro (Combined 250 & 450) spaces available £199.00 £199.00 Now Open
    AX Super Enduro Clubman spaces available £199.00 £199.00 Now Open
    AX Pro Super Enduro spaces available £199.00 £199.00 Now Open
  • Licences Accepted:ACU
  • Single Event Licence Cost:£15.00
  • Transponder Required:yes
  • Transponder Hire Cost:£30.00 (26 available for hire)
  • Cancellations:Not Allowed
  • Payments Accepted:online
  • Payment / Deposit:£50.00 deposit required to enter event (refundable less £5 admin fee)
    Payment in full required by 1 day prior to event
  • Official Web Page:https://bolesworth.com/axfest/
  • Additional Information:


    Firstly, many thanks for showing interest in the all-new AX Fest that we’re staging at Bolesworth Castle on 15th to 17th September 2023.

    This is the first ever Motocross Music Festival staged in the UK, and we’re going to create something amazing – so here’s some important facts to help you understand what we have planned:

    - The AX Fest will act as a qualification event to the full indoor Arenacross British Championship that takes place in Jan & Feb 2024.

    - The top 10 overall riders from each class from the Arenacross Festival will automatically qualify. With the AX Auto and AX e5 Electric classes, the top 5 riders from each will qualify through to an e5 Electric class. With the Small Wheel and Big Wheels classes, the top 5 riders from each will qualify through to a Supermini class.

    - The AX Fest will also be a points scoring event for the 2024 Arenacross British Championship. 

    - The top 3 from each class of the 2023 Arenacross British Championship will gain an automatic entry to the 2024 Arenacross British Championship.

    - We also reserve the right for wildcard riders in each class.

    - Racing will take place over 3 days and 2 nights, but not everyone will race every day. Please take a look at the Bolesworth.com website to fully understand the full schedule of racing for each day.

    - Classes are for Pro’s, Pro Super Enduro, Super Enduro Clubman, 450 Amateurs, 250 Amateurs, Futures/Rookies and all youth classes including Auto’s & E5’s. Please see full list and criteria below:


    Youth Classes

    AX Auto 50cc                6 – 8 years     Min 49cc/Max 50cc 2 or 4 stroke, single speed automatic, no manual clutch. Max 12” rear/15” front wheels.     

    AX e5 Electric               6 – 9 years      Electric - Max 4kw output - 10” rear/12” front wheels. 

    AX 65cc Youth             7- 10 years      Min 60cc 2 stroke or 85cc 4 stroke. Max 65cc 2 stroke or 110cc 4 stroke. 12” rear/14” front wheels.

    AX SW85                     9 - 12 years     Min 70cc 2 stroke or 125cc 4 stroke. Manual clutch, Max 85cc 2 stroke or 150cc 4 Stroke. 14” rear/17” front wheels.

    AX BW85                  11 - 14 years  Min 70cc 2 stroke or 125cc 4 stroke. Manual clutch, Max 85cc 2 stroke or 150cc 4 Stroke. 16” rear/19” front wheels.

    Adult Classes

    AX Futures/Rookies  15 - 21 years     Min 120cc 2 stroke or 175cc 4 stroke. Max 150cc 2 stroke or 250cc 4 stroke, manual clutch. Electric powered machines with an output of up to 60HP (measured at the motor test port). 19” rear/21” front wheels.

    AX Amateur Lites      15 years +        Up to 150cc 2 Stroke and 250cc 4 Stroke. Electric powered machines with an output of  up to 60HP (measured at the motor test port)

    AX Amateur 450        15 years +        Up to 250cc 2 Stroke and 450cc 4 Stroke. Electric powered machines with an output of up to 60HP (measured at the motor test port)

    AX Pro                        18 years +        Up to 250cc 2 Stroke and 450cc 4 Stroke


    - The track will be designed as a ‘mellow’ Arenacross track – so no huge whoops and jumps on the track that you would normally see at an AMA Supercross – we want this race to be fun and safe!

    - When it comes to the 3 Main Event Pro events, then we’ll build the track up to be a little more technical.

    - Your entry includes your race entry throughout the weekend, entry for 2 other people, camping for up to 3 nights and entry to the music festival. 

    - You can even book power to your vehicle in the hard-standing rider pit area - please contact [email protected] to book.

    - All other tickets must be purchased from the Bolesworth.com website prior to arrival.

    - Other attractions will include live music and DJ’s on Friday & Saturday nights. Hospitality and VIP areas, shops and retailers, trackside bars & food outlets, Freestyle Motocross, grandstand seating, motocross riding experiences, test bike zones and so much more.

    - Please note that PIT BIKES, ELECTRIC BIKES, e-Mountain Bikes & ELECTRIC SCOOTERS are NOT permitted at the event.

    And the most important part of it all is that this event is designed for everyone to enjoy our great sport in an awesome venue that’s staged by people that know how to create and produce a great event. It’s all about families, great racing, a weekend away with friends and creating memories. It’s not designed to be a serious event where bitter racing rivalries dominate the atmosphere…. So if you’re a family, racer or fan that just wants a great weekend away on two wheels, then the AX Fest is for you! 



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